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Grace Boyle &
Antoine Bertin


Intersititial is a robotic installation of a chemical journey from sea to sky, delivered through sound and scent. It follows a phytoplankton bloom that was recorded in the South Atlantic in 2021, over the course of 24 days and tells the  journey of the DMS (dimethyl sulphide). This special type of phytoplankton – single-celled creatures that drift near the surface of the ocean – is created from underwater and evolves into the air, where it transforms into an aerosol, and becomes the seed around which clouds form.

Over the course of eight minutes you will hear the swells of different semiochemicals as they are emitted by the phytoplankton: each musical chord a combination of different chemical ‘notes’. A scent blends the surprising kale-like sweetness of DMS over a seaweed accord with an airy, ozonic finish. To zooplankton, seagulls, and marine mammals, DMS is a signal to change course in search of food. To dry grasslands, it is the reason clouds exist and bring rain. To us, it is the smell of the sea. 

Grace Boyle is an artist and storyteller at the intersection between art and science. Since 2015, her work has focused on immersive media to write, record and present multisensory stories. She is the founder and director of the platform The Feelies for “Sensory Storytelling for immersive environments – we create stories for all your senses”, which enables interdisciplinary collaboration with other artists from various fields.

Wolfgang Georgsdorf

Der rote Faden (One Damn Thing After the Other)
- Geruchs-Installation

A long red ribbon that runs through the hall of the ZiMMT that can only really be looked at with the nose: As part of sens, Wolfgang Georgsdorf, a pioneer of olfactory art, is showing his olfactory installation “Der rote Faden (One Damn Thing After the Other)”. Those who sniff along it will experience a unique narrative that unfolds from the personal, visual and emotional associations with the changing smells you’ll find along the way.

Wolfgang Georgsdorf can’t easily be put in one nutshell: He’s an: artist, inventor, musician, author, director and illustrator. His work has won several awards and combines science, art, technology and processes in society. The artistic and researching focus on smell is an important part of his work: in years of pioneering work, he has created Smeller technologies, an electronic instrument for generating smells, and developed Osmodrama: Time-based composing and storytelling with smells as a new artistic practice.

→ Wolfgang Georgsdorf will hold a free Leture Performance on December 13 at 7 pm with the title: Osmodrama via Smeller 2.0

More information here>>


Juliane Kowalke


Occasionally we experience how smells involuntarily takes us to a past stage of our lives and to a certain place: one particular scent may awaken unexpected memories of our grandparents’ house, another may suddenly have us standing next to our youthful self at the edge of the pool. But what if smells also revealed what will be? Juliane Kowalke’s multimedia, olfactory work “PLUS QUAM SNIFF” deals with the potential of smell as a time machine and builds a bridge between the artist’s childhood and present-day visions of the future.

Juliane Kowalke is one of the curators of sens – Festival for Multisensory Perception. She was born in Erfurt in 1988 and studied Fine Arts at the Bauhaus University Weimar. For a decade, she was involved in the conception and realization of exhibitions, concerts and festivals in Erfurt’s independent scene, ran the experimental exhibition space “Cellar Door”, helped build the project house “Saline 34” and developed the club “Frau Korte”. As an artist, she works with various media – such as video, photography, collages, sounds, music, objects and, in particular, smells: since 2019, she has been exploring the potential of smell as an artistic medium with her long-term project Museum of Strange Odeur.



Klara Ravat

Unveiling Blue

At sens, Klara Ravat presents her new olfactory work “Unveiling blue”, a sacred space of synergy between scent and color: “Step into the serenity of the Blue room, where peace and self-discovery are combined”, she invites. Between plush carpet and cushions, a safe cocoon of blue shades offers relaxation and auto-meditation space for introspection – a journey towards your own personal truths. The cocoon is dressed in carefully selected fragrances that complement its calming atmosphere and encourage a ritual dance of the senses. The scents are harmoniously matched to the color blue and deepen the connection with the message of the meditation: “As you interact with the scents, you embark on a transformative journey and ultimately leave the installation with a newfound understanding of your inner self and a serene sense of inner peace.”

Klara Ravat is an olfactory artist, experimental filmmaker, and co-founder and director of the Smell Lab Berlin, a platform for olfactory arts. She is also a self-taught indie-perfumer – scent and olfaction has been her passion for all her life. She studied qualitative trend research in Barcelona, then at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Netherlands and at the same time psychology at the Open University of Catalonia. In addition to her artistic work, Klara Ravat also works as a designer and in teaching – she has already offered her workshops at many art colleges throughout Europe.



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