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Nothing Where Something Should Be by Oscar Friisgaard (Quiver)

2023sun10dec7:00 pmNothing Where Something Should Be by Oscar Friisgaard (Quiver)Listening Session7:00 pm(GMT+01:00)

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Nothing Where Something Should Be by Oscar Friisgaard (Quiver)


Join us on Sunday, December 10th, for an exclusive musical experience brought to you by Oscar Friisgaard in collaboration with ZiMMT. Immerse yourself in the captivating
soundscape of ‚Nothing Where Something Should Be’ ‘Nothing Where Something Should Be’ is the culmination of a 3-month artistic exploration into liminal spaces—those intriguing areas that exist between boundaries. Oscar delves into the emotional responses tied to these spaces and translates them into an immersive experience.
Commuting between drone-filled soundscapes, eerie-sounding entities and field recordings captured from abandoned spaces around Berlin, The composition is a journey into the unique sensation of being in-between, inspired by the mystique of these abandoned spaces.
Originally crafted during a residency at MONOM sound in Berlin, this listening session will showcase an extended version of the original piece. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this extraordinary listening experience —mark your calendars for a day of sonic exploration and emotional resonance.

Oscar Friisgaard is a Danish composer and sound-artist, who works from a sample-based approach. By digitally extending and augmenting real-world sounds, his work focuses on auditory landscapes and environments that are essentially in-between. His works, though conceptual in its approach, also focuses on the pure emotional potency in twisting and tearing apart sonic material. In addition to this, he works with spatial sound, and is particularly interested in how spatialization can create new agendas for listening, and how spatial sound creates more intricate relations between audience and artwork.
His artistic research have, among other things, redeemed itself in the work ‚Artificial Tranquility‘ (2022), released under the artist name Quiver, as well as the multi-channel piece ‚The Loudspeaker Orchestra‘ (2022), created for 8 loudspeakers presented at the Danish National Academy of Music.

Full title: ‘Nothing Where Something Should Be’ by Oscar Friisgaard spatialized in
4DSOUND, produced at MONOM & ZiMMT
Links: https://soundcloud.com/quiverrrr

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