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Ikbal Lybus & Aii Wijayanti Anik

live spatial Video & Sound Performance / 03.10.23

Join us at ZIMMT for a work-in-progress performance by our Indonesian artists in residence, Ikbal Lubys and Aii Wijaya. The performance will include live video, silent film, experimental guitar exploration and spatial sound, investigating musical tension related to the colonial sonic history of Kraton, the Sultan palace in Yogyakarta.

The performance will be followed by an artist talk in which the artists will offer insights into their practice and research.

Aii and Ikbal have been working at ZIMMT Leipzig for three weeks and are part of the first artist exchange between the sound art venues ZIMMT in Leipzig and ETHNICTRO in Yogyakarta. The performance will be presented in cooperation with local artists from ZiMMT, Kombinat e.V. and Kollektiv WERT. 


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